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Ruined Orgasm

Being a femdom, Jill loves to tease and play orgasm denial games. But what she is really good at is bring her men to sexual climax while taking away the pleasure and totally ruining their orgasms. She laughs when she sees their disappointed faces but she also knows that the powerful sexual urge is still there and in no time her slaves will be ready for another ruined orgasm.

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Ruined Orgasm Video

Jill has many different ruined orgasm techniques. There is the classic "abandoned orgasm", where she lets go of the cock right at the moment of orgasm and lets cock just jerk by itself through a very unsatisfying orgasm. It looks more fun than it sounds and definitely feels unfulfilling. Watch Jill's ruined orgasm video right now along with hundreds of tease and denial treats we've got for you inside!

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